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Are you sensing ready to leave? If you are, we are certainly here to support and help you on the way. Below you will find a comprehensive set of resources, contact information, and eligibility requirements for smoking cessation services for college or university employees. Nicotine replacing therapy (NRT) and prescription drugs coverage has been added to the CVS prescription drug plan for all employees and their protected dependents (18 and over). No co-pay or co-insurance will be employed for NRT or prescriptions. Hi..i am smoke free now for 6 weeks..yay!!!..however i did so it witht he help of chantix and am not sure if the symptoms i have now are normal or possibly side results from the drug..anyways..i am experiencing major sinus pressure and dizzyness..nauseau as well but i suppose that is association to the dizziness..could it be normal to get these types of symptoms this far along in quitting?? any response would be great!!
I quit out of nowhere cold turkey Holiday Day. I must say i have no idea why I expected instant gratification. I don't crave a cigarette like I thought I'd. The thought actually makes me nauseas. Perhaps, I was ready for craving a cigarette. WHENEVER I didn't crave one the first week, I had been fired up. Then, the other withdrawal symptoms commenced yelling at me to be recognized. I was not prepared for all of those other withdrawals. Several times I felt and still feel like the unexpected stop of smoking has triggered the onslaught of malignancy, diabetes, and menopause all at exactly the same time. Oh, and I must talk about that my tongue feels like it has a film over it that causes everything to flavor not just bad, but awful. Day 21 and even though I don't feel just like I'll endure the withdrawals, I am still holding strong. Just wish I had fashioned someone to speak to that understands my issues.
Either all the speak about smoking being as addictive as heroin is merely puritanical hype or opiates aren't very addictive at all. I do not believe you can find any excuse for the industry that is continuing to grow up around smoking cessation, the chemistry associated with it or eastern ooga-booga like accupuncture, hypnotism or the like. I am soooo happy I found this page!!! I was looking flu like symptoms with crushing headache after quitting and found this.
You will also have to deal with smoking nostalgia” for the others you will ever have. You'll remember the nice times you had while smoking or the sensation of the cigarette after a meal or in the morning. Don't allow yourself get sentimental! For each cigarette that thought great, there have been hundreds more that you didn't really want to smoke but needed to because your addiction demanded it.
There's a few ways you can quit smoking rather than every way suits everybody. Some people opt to go cool turkey while others need products to wean them from the nicotine. Please confirm the information below before putting your signature on in. Curently have an account? REGISTER. Thank you for posting this hub with people that are quitting smoking! It means a great deal because you are a nurse and wonderful copy writer!

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